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Removing Newer Version Attributes


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Hi there,


I have done some searching here and not finding anybody else asking this question...


I am running Desktop v6 on one PC, and I am running server 3.2 on a Server box.


The job in question was built on the v6 machine, and it's super simple - just an OnRecordStart rule, it picks a page of the document, and merges in the data. Not using anything fancy from v6.


I am trying to push this file backwards to run on my server for automated batching purposes. It works, but I get a huge pile of these in my msg file:


Unknown attribute <skipifemptyvar> of tag <para> ignored.

Unknown attribute <noparabreakoncopyfit> of tag <para> ignored.


I haven't taken the time to count, but I imagine it's one instance for every text block in my document, there's a couple hundred of them.


I am speculating that these attributes are part of v6, and v3 doesn't know what to do with them. I'm getting perfect output, but I also like to try and clean up any errors in my output file so I know everything is truly perfect.


Thus far, I have tried the following to "strip" these newer attributes from the file:


- I wiped out all the dif, def, etc. files from my export. Then I re-exported the job, to create fresh files. Didn't work.

- I quasi-created the file fresh, by extracting all the pages from the PDF, and creating a new PDF document with those pages. I setup all the rules, imported my colors, etc., Didn't work. (but it DID work on a single-page test document, however)


I am not sure if these attributes belong to the text boxes, or somehow the rules, etc.. Not really sure where to look for a solution here.


HAs anybody else encountered this? All of the files I wish to do this with are a couple hundred pages each (each page different design), and they all originated on the v3 box back in the day, now I just want to get them back there for automation purposes.


Any thoughts?





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