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Creating custom footer for a Catalog


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I have customer that wants to create a custom footer and have on all the pages of the catalog and be able to update one foter and have all the footers update

Generally, for a catalog-type job, you use Overflow pages. In that case, you just need to add the same "footer" text frame to the initial Body page and the Overflow page. Both frames could simply access a rule which returns a Formatted Text Resource if you want to make sure they always have the same content.

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My next question is how to switch the footer for even and odd pages?


I have two rules created with Formatted text but I can't find a why to switch rules based on odd or even page

You need to create two different Overflow pages and assign them as the "New Left Page" and "New Right Page" in the Overflow Options dialog. Then each Overflow page (the left/even one and the right/odd one) can have its own footer frame.

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