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Sure. You'll need to know what the data looks like when passed to the template, but my guess is that hard returns will appear as break tags in which case you would write a simple rule to replace the tags with a tag plus a bullet character when composed and check the box to return tagged output.

return Field("TEXT ARA").replace(/<br>/g, "<br>•");

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That code didn't produce any bullets either. They will be typing in marcom central

Okay, so we need to figure out exactly what is in the data that comes from MarcomCentral, so that we know what needs to be replaced. Can you add a rule which outputs the raw field value, by returning it with the "Treat returned strings as tagged text" box UNchecked, and output that? Or, if you can access the composition log (.msg) file, you can use call the Print function in a rule with the field value to write it there. Getting a hold of the actual tagged markup input data file would be best.

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