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Like Item Discount

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I would like to setup some versioned products and would like to be able to setup the "Apply Like Item Discount" but it is not a option when I select that product type and pick drop down prices. Just because a product is version doesn't mean that its not the same product. I also want to have the drop down prices so they can't pick a stupid qty like 333. I have a few and example below.


Business Cards

My goal is to have my customers order a set (500) of business cards for multiple employees at the same time and the reward for doing that is a cheaper price for each set. The products are the same thing just have different info.


With this option turned off, how should I do this. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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"Apply Like Item Discount" is only applicable for Static or Pick items. You can use the Discount option via the Pricing section, with any Product using a drop-down for Qty Selection.


To do so, select Yes for "Discount" for each Price record to use a discount. Then in the Discount section, create the discounted amount to be applied to each like quantity for that Product. So in your example, if a person orders 2 sets of Bus. Cards for 500 each, the discount will be applied to each order in the cart.


For more details on setting up Discounts review the Help in MCC and/or the tutorial on Discounts.


Hope this helps

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