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Limiting Table Height


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Has anyone had success with limiting the number of rows in a variable table based on a maximum height? Even if content exists in the additional fields used to determine the number of rows the table should have?

I am currently creating a variable table which can contain up to 10 rows. There are 10 different Description fields in the data file – one for each of the products that could be listed in this table. For some records the table may be only 2 rows, others there may be 10 rows, others 8 rows, etc.

The height of the table cannot exceed 4" no matter how much content is entered. I’m already running into situations where the content of a given field (let’s say field DescriptionLine1) is wrapping to a second or third line thereby increasing the height of that particular cell. In this current situation if I have content that generates a table that should be 6 or more rows, and the first three cells in the first three rows exceed one line in legnth, many of those remaining rows are forcing the height of the table over the maximum height.

I would like to be able to suppress the additional rows that force the table over the maximum height even when content exists in those additional fields.

Copyfitting or shrinking the text so that all data will fit is not an option. The text must remain at a fixed point size.


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