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problem with french accents


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I am trying to create some images using text that has some french accents and the accents are not working.


I am working on a mac. Using text edit I have tried saving the file as unicode16, unicode8, mac and I also created my file directly through FP.


When I compose the job I get the error:


Graphic is not found or is not processsed properly:

Personalized Image Error: Template cal130.boat.fpx, Data barry é:

Invalid info file..

Check for file existence and that it is of the proper format


The wierd thing is that when I look in the cache the image is actually there and it is correct.


Any thoughts. I have tried many different formats but nothing seems to work.

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Revisiting this issue again after almost a year.


Was trying to do variable images with text fields with accents but was not working. Everything worked on a pc but not on mac.


Using FuisonPro 7.2p1d

FP Expressions - 3.1.13


I think my problem might actually be with how the Mac OS is writing out the XML file.


The personalized text I am trying is 'barryé'


The jpg is created correctly and is saved out as:



The xml file is created and is called:



The actual xml file looks like this:

<!--FusionPro Personalized Image-->



<ImageSet>/Users/**********/Desktop/Master_Calendar_Files/New Templates/testtemplates/admit_one.fpx</ImageSet>



<Text index="1">barryé</Text>



My concern is the image name is not coming through with the é but instead is being replaced by 'barryé'


Any thoughts why this would be? I have tried all kinds of formats and nothing works. As mentioned it worked ok previously on the pc as the imagename was being saved properly.

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The info.xml file has the entity in it, by definition. What's much more relevant is exactly what the output JPG image looks like, and what its file name is. Again, a picture, or in this case, the collected job, is worth a thousand words, so if you can collect that up and either post it here or send it to Support, that will enable someone to analyze the problem.
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