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FP Expression resource from CSV file


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I am tyring to create a rule whereby I get the name of the FP Expression to be used from a CSV file rather than attaching a particular Expressions image to a variable graphic box. I am new to javascript so having some problems with creating the resource i think.


I converted the FP rule for inserting a personalized picture to javascript. I need to create the resource though not sure how.


My javascript is setup like this:

my csv file has a field called file and value is name of template I want to use like "cookie.fpx" (without quotes...have also tried with quotes)


var Pic1 = "";

var Var1 = "name";

var Var2 = "";

var Var3 = "";

var Var4 = "";


Pic1 = CreateResource(Field("file"), "graphic",true);


var myPI = Resource(Pic1);


When i try to validate i get an error saying :

Error: In Resource(), no resource named Resource("Cookie.fpx)


Any thoughts? thanks

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You need to change that next-to-last line to:

Pic1 = CreateResource(Field("file"), "FP Expression Image");

And right after that you'll want to add aline like this to add the personalization data:


Then you can just "return Pic1." You don't need that other call to Resource().

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Hi Dan thanks a lot...this worked!


One last question, in my rule I would also like to access the page number of the PDF. I am working with a multipage pdf with rules on each page and want to access the page numbers within the rules.


I was looking through the building blocks but was not sure which one to use and could not get them to work. I know you can access the page number as a variable in a text box so I assume the variable is available for use in a rule.



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