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Multi-page pdf resource output


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We have a multi-page, multi-record pdf file that is sent to us as "printers spreads" (11x17) and we need to turn it into a file that is 8.5x11 pages in readers order. I thought no problem, just use the "pagenumber" feature of the pdf resource and output the single side of the page and crop the excess off outside of the graphic box. The file contains around 1400 records of a 12 page "imposed booklet" and the file is approx 8400 pages and 185MB (that's MegaBytes) in size. When I output 100 records of this I get a single file that is 1.8GB - that's GigaBytes! :eek:


When I assign the input pdf file as an internal graphic resource (through the add resources menu), and use the ".pagenumber =" feature to point the graphic rule output to a single page, does it only output that individual page out of the graphic (in effect separating it from the rest of the graphic) or does it output the entire resource graphic and just visually turn off all the rest of the pages except the one that is assigned?


I would really like to know why the ballooning effect is occurring here? :confused:


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If you use the Resource.pagenumber feature, you're only bringing in one page. However, if you're cropping the graphic, you're still bringing in the whole page. Also, a PDF document can have all sorts of things embedded into it, like fonts, so when you split a PDF into multiple parts, each part still has those fonts and things embedded. Therefore each time you're grab an individual page, you're bringing in another copy of all that.


But this is all a generalization; I'd have to look at the files to know more specifically what's happening.

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