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Logo inside QR code


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Not with FusionPro, and as far as I know, not with any program which automatically generates QR barcodes from arbitrary data. Most of the barcodes you see like this are one-offs, created by hand by a graphic designer for a specific barcode with specific data.


That said, the reason these barcodes still scan, even with a graphic in the middle, is because of the error correction built into the QR barcode standard. So, you should, in theory, be able to place another graphic frame on top of the QR barcode frame in FP Desktop, and, as long as there's enough of the barcode left uncovered, the barcode should still scan. This may require some trial-and-error regarding the size and position of the embedded graphic relative to the barcode, and the error correction level.

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I've done this, not within Fusion Pro, but outside of it. And all the research I have found states that a "standard" QR Code has enough error correction built in, that you could cover about 30% of the code and still be readable. Although DO NOT cover the blocks in the three corners. I believe that they are a type of locator marks.


Good luck and testing.

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