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Tabs in PDF417 Bar Code

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I am trying to concatenate several data fields into a PDF417 bar code, and am being asked by the customer to include tab delimiters between the fields. The rule, in shortened form, looks like this:


return MakePDF417Barcode(Field("barcode ID")+'<t>'+Field("First Name")+'<t>'+Field("Last Name")+'<t>'+Field("Company"), 0, 8, 12, 0, 3, 0);


Although "Treat returned strings as tagged text" IS checked, I get reported back that this returns <t> and not a tab. I have also tried entering tabs via the keyboard which I am told returns a string of spaces instead of a tab.


I am hoping someone has run across this, or knows what needs to happen to deliver a PDF417 bar code with tab-delimited fields.

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