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I am looking for a way to underline a variable field. I need to have control over the line properties such as distance from the text, line weight and so on. The width of the line needs to flex with the width of the text in the variable field.


Anybody have any ideas how to do this?



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You can simply click the "I" button on the Variable Text Editor dialog to underline the selection, or output a <u> tag from a rule. However, you can't control the position or weight of the underline. Although you may be able to do some tricks with table cell borders and text measurement, depending on how the underlined text flows with other text.
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I have also tried to find work-arounds for the underling placement and thickness. A recent problem was underlines and superscripts on date day postfixes (23rd, 1st, 17th etc...). The client wants a phrase with the superscripts included to be underlined as well. Unlike most applications, when FP superscripts, and it is underlined, the underline is also superscripted... not good. Especially when the paragraph contains variables. The only work-around I could come up with is attached.


It uses 2 text boxes. The first is the 'top' layer, which contains one paragraph with a variable (first name) and part of the text underlined... but NOT the superscriped part. Then made a copy of this text box and called it 'underlined layer'. The key was changing the font color of everthing but the underline at the superscript portion to white and making it the bottom layer. Seems to work.


Thanks to all the regulars and hope this helps someone else in a similar situation.





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