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Different Gutters in Imposition


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I posted this somewhere else but thought it blelonged in the correct location.



I have a job of labels I need to set up and the substrate is 18 X 12 and the individual labels are 4 x 2. The labels are already perfed so I need to match this layout. I will have 20 labels per substrate. There is a half inch gutter all around the outside of the labels. Then a .25 gutter between each label with the exception of a .5 vertical gutter between the left ten labels and the right ten labels. I would prefer to keep the data as one-up and not redo the data. I know in the impostion software I can eliminate gutter indepedently but can I add more gutter. Or is there a way to do it if I make my individual FP PDF a size of 4.125 x 2.125.

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I don't believe FPImposer has this level of customization. For these types of layouts, I typically output single pages and then compose separately using either Crackerjack/PDFSnake or Preps depending on how complex the layout needs to be.


Alternatively, you could include a portion of your "layout" in your template so, for example, your FP template would actually be 10 labels which you would impose 2-up in FPImposer. Of course, then you potentially have to deal with combining up to 10 records on a single page of output.

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That is what I thought, but thought I would see if anyone had a workaroud. Hopefully this is something that is development for future versions. I will just have to make my data multiple up and have my FP template be multiple up and impose that way as you mentioned. Thanks for the response.
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