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Help! Need rule for unique character


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So here's the story:


My customer has a field for the signature, called "CustomLine 01". This is to use a font they provide called "dakota". In some, not all of the signatures there appears the ® symbol. Dakota does not include this, it's a very barebones font.


Can I make a rule to search for all instances of that, and change it to like Arial or whatever so it doesn't output as a square?

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Give this a try:

return Field("CustomLine 01").replace("®","<f name=\"Arial\">®</f>");


Make sure that you have "Treat returned strings as tagged text" checked in your rule editor.

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Sweet! Thanks!


(er...now they want it superscript of course)


Any ideas?


Now it appears it's only changing the first instance of the ®




(there are two of 'em in the field)

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