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My Fonts are shrinking!


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Hi All,


I seem to be having a problem with a few (and only a few) of my fonts. When exporting from InDesign CS3 into Fusion Pro, they appear to be smaller, even though according to the type size they should be the same size.


I am on a Mac, running FusionPro v5.1P2c. I have selected Local Fonts in Acrobat, made sure all the fonts were loaded and restarted the program and I am not getting any errors. And I haven't adjusted the fonts in any way (kerning, etc.). I have checked the Fonts.err file and there are no errors there, and the Fonts.ini file showed that both fonts were loaded. The collect.msg also shows it as loaded. And the fonts look the same, so they aren't defaulting to another font, they're just shrunk down.


The fonts I am having trouble with are so far:

Edwardian Script ITC - Openface

Handwriting - Dakota - TrueType


They are coming in about 16% smaller than what they are supposed to be.


Please Help?? :confused:


Thanks in Advance




UPDATE: Nevermind, I figured it out. Apparently, the box size excluded the dip in letters such as the lowercase "y" and the "g", while in Fusion Pro, the box needed to be big enough to include these dips. I had the "shrink to fit" on and so it shrunk it like it was supposed to. DOH!!

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It was both, but I figured it out. The box just needed to be enlarged. It looks like InDesign's text box doesn't have to be big enough to include the letters that go below the line, where FusionPro does.


Thanks for the response though! Have a great Holiday Season!



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