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Variable boxes randomly moving


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I'm having a problem with the variable boxes randomly moving when I try to move them. They jump on the page. As in I'm trying to use the arrow keys on my keyboard to move one position to the right and the box jumps down and to the left. Just started doing this last week. I've replaced all of my templates and ran fixes on Acrobat 9 & Quark 8.


I'm running Fusion Pro Desktop 7.21 on a PC. Also did it with 7.1 version too. I tried to update to see if that fixes the problem.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'm stuck a the moment.


Thank You,


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Here is one zip file, I included the quark file, the pdf that was exported from quark, the template (TOP_Troy.pdf), the data file and all of the fonts. It is specific to just one of the computers. I have 3 computers running FusionPro Desktop, the other 2 are running same version and using the same templates. I did upgrade to 7.21 yesterday to see if that fixed the problem, but it didn't. I have also done Windows updates and updated the drivers for the keyboard. It worked fine until the beginning of last week. That's when it all started going haywire.


Thanks for your help,


try job.zip

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