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FP Server: Template Access Limitation?


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This is referring to a job running on FP Server 4.2.


We had an issue last night where some variable text failed to print on a particular job. These were signs, and basically what happened is the product description printed, but the price did not. There was also a savings blurb and part of it printed while one single word out of it did not. We are going to a PDF output format with these, so I opened the pdf in question and searched for the missing text. It turns out, the text is actually in the file, but not visible. This happened to only 1 file out of nearly 1000 that we composed this way.


Now, going back through msg files, I noticed that the template in question was being accessed by 3 different composition processes simultaneously when this failure occured. Could that have resulted in what we're seeing here? Note that those 3 composition processes were accessing the same template for quite some time but the failure only happened with this one file. When I resubmitted the data (tab-delimited text) file by itself it composed without issue.

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This is quite odd.

This job may have been sitting in the queue due to being inadvertently submitted more than once. FusionPro Server runs three concurrent compositions, meaning you can submit three jobs in the queue for composition. Since it appears to compose correctly when resubmitted,

it is hard to say exactly what happened. If you would like to submit this particular file for analysis, please forward to :


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