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Output file name


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By default your output file name will be your input data file name + "-output.***".

However if you want to change the name, eliminating the + "-output.***", you can do this 2 ways:

1) On the "Compose" tab in the Composition menu.

2) On the Save as menu from that exact same tab in the Composition menu.


See the attached image: "outputFileName.jpg"


Hope this helps.


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Hi, what I'm trying to get is this.

If I have 10 different tab delimited data files & one FusionPro layout and I need to run each data file, then how do I avoid pasting the data file name into the output tab 10 times. Can FusionPro just pickup the input tab delimited data file and name the output PDF based on which ever file is linked to the layout?


For example, if the Input data file name = 9999abc.txt then I want FusionPro to name the Output file 9999abc.pdf without me having to enter it in & then the next data file I link I want it to just pickup that data file name for the output name everytime.


Can this be done?

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