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Pull Images from website


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Pic = CreateResource("http://assets.lincolnelectric.com/assets/en_US/Products/" (Field("MATERIAL") "/1200x1200.jpg", "graphic", true);


if (Pic.exists)

return Pic;


return Resource("PhotoNotAvailable");

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I would expect you to get a syntax error in your rule as posted. You need a couple plus signs in there to concatenate the strings properly in JavaScript:

Pic =  CreateResource("http://assets.lincolnelectric.com/assets/en_US/Products/" [color=DarkRed][b]+[/b][/color] Field("MATERIAL") [color=DarkRed][b]+[/b][/color] "/1200x1200.jpg", "graphic", true);

Also, you can't test for the existence of a graphic resource from the Internet with the .exists property, since the file is not downloaded until it's used. So the rule should just be one line like this:

return CreateResource("http://assets.lincolnelectric.com/assets/en_US/Products/" + Field("MATERIAL") + "/1200x1200.jpg");

You can always place the "photo not available" picture in a separate graphic frame below the one which gets the picture from the Internet, so it gets covered up when the online resource is found.

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