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phone number format


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i wanted to use the change phone format rule but i want the format to be like this:


(123) 456-7890


the rule only allows me to do it like this:




how can i add the extra space after the parenthesis?

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If you just want to edit your rule, you need to convert it to JavaScript, then edit the format 3 section, by adding a space after the parentheses. See the Sample image attached: SpaceAdded.jpg


If you want to update the rule so it always includes the space, you will need to edit the "Change phone format.xml" file inside of the folder: ...\Printable\FusionPro\Plug-ins\TemplateXML

You edit the file the same way as indicated above, however it is slightly different in appearance as it is XML. Once you save it the rule will always display with the space.


Hope it helps


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