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Adding Bullet Points...


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Please bare with me. I'm still trying to figure out this Fusion Pro and Marcom Central. Mainly the Rules and Javascript. In my template I'm adding a "Services" text boxe that has individual text lines where customers fill-in all the services provided. What I need is a rule that adds a bullet point before each fill-in text that the provide. How is this possible??




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Here is a simple sample of how you could script it:


if (Field("Service1")!= "") //this indicates that if Service1 is not nothing/empty


return '<•> '+(Field("Service1");//Then add the bullet and the value for Service1



else//otherwise, if there is no value for Service1 return nothing


return "";



Make sure you check the box for "Treat return strings as tagged text" in the Rule. You will also need to create one of these rules for each available "Service" they will be able to input via the form. We cover a more advance way to manage this in one rule in our FusionPro Advanced Webinar held each month.


Also in the future, this being a MarcomCentral targeted question, please post these types of questions in that Forum.


Hope this helps

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Thanks for the help.


I felt that since it was a Formatting Text Rule that it should be in this forum. I'll make sure to use the MarcomCentral Forum next time.


How do I sign up for the FusionPro Advanced Webinar? :)

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