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Text Variable to suppress when Graphic Variable is empty


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I have different variable Graphics boxes in different locations on my PDF. Every spot on the sheet has a Variable Text box for the (Customer ID#) When the Graphic Field is blank no Graphic shows (This is correct) but I have a Variable text box there also for the (Customer ID#) So I have a Blank ticket with a number on it. I need that Variable text box (Customer ID#) to print only when the Graphic Field has an image in it.





.:)00011 or 00011.


I need the number not to print if there is no image coming in.




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You can make a rule which simply returns nothing (an empty string) if the graphic is missing, and otherwise returns the field value, and use that in your text frame. I don't know the names of your fields, but something like this:

if (!Field("YourGraphicField"))
    return "";
return Field("Customer ID#");

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