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Need help with a static logo

Jo Gerth

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Can anyone tell me how I can change a logo that is static item on a business card without having to redo everything.

The new logo needs to replace my original logo but It is only used for


I have no changes in the fields or anything on the dashboard. The

customer wants to see there new logo. Is there an easy way to do this?

I am on a mac and using FusionPro V5.0P1c.

I hope you can understand this. I only need to change the logo, no copy,

no fields or anything else.

Thanks in advance.

Jo Gerth

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Transferring Layout and Rules from a previous job


If you are building an identical job that has the same layout, variable frames, rules,

but different data file with the same field names, and would like to eliminate the need to reconstruct the FusionPro PDF; this tip will help.

First, click "FusionPro", "Data Definition", "Wizard".

Select "Import Data Source From Another Document".

Click Next.

Browse to the folder that contains the original pdf you want the information imported from.

The name of the file will have a ".def" extension. Select it. Click "Open".

Click "Finish"

Click "FusionPro", "Advanced", "Import".

A dialog box will appear with the following options preselected:

Variable Layout, Colors, Style.

Browse to the folder containing the original pdf .

Click Ok.


regards, Alex Marshall

Application Support

Printable Technologies Inc.



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