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Can you change the font color of certain words in a rule?

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I was wondering if when the user types into a field a certain word or sentence, is there any way to make a rule that recognizes that phrase to change it to a certain font color.


For example here is the sentence:

Choices Matter. That's why at The Legacy Group we offer a wide range of mortgage options to best suit our clients clients individual needs.


They would like there company name to come up that color, but give the user the option to type in there own sentence as well.


I hope this makes sense, thanks in advance :)

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Thanks Dan, I also need it to be small caps.


I tried this, but it won't capitalize "the" in The Legacy Group, I'm not sure why.


return '<smallcap>'+ReplaceSubstring(TaggedTextFromRaw(Field("ParHeader")), "The Legacy Group", '<color name="PANTONE 8641 C">The Legacy Group</color>')+'</smallcap>';

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