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Possible to "Create Outlines" in output?


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I have a project I do almost daily, that requires the output to have all the fonts be outlined, rather than type. So every day, I open the output file in Illustrator, select all and "convert to outlines". It just dawned on me today that there might be a smooth work around posted here. I can't find anything so I thought I'd ask.


These are 1 page pdfs, black and white only, and it's output for a vinyl cutter, so it's just purely outlines, nothing fancy.


I have other work arounds I do here too, but wondered if there wasn't a way I could just make the artwork *RIGHT* from the get go. I compose these files both on v. 3.something if I run them through the Server version, and I'm on v. 6.something if I run them thru desktop on my primary machine. Both are windows based.



Thanks in advance!



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