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Roman Font Style


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Hi All,


Working on a project that requires the use of Helvetica LT Std Roman as a font for one of the fields, but am unable to reference it.


The font itself, as titled, does not appear in the drop-down list as a font option through the text editor. If I select the font through MS Word, the font appears as Helvetica LT Std, with the Roman listed as an option in the Font Styles dialog (listed with the Bold and Italic options).


I've attempted to reference the font by name with the font tag (<f name="font name">MyText</f>), but it does not appear to be working as the field falls back to Arial when rendered.


As Bold and Italic used the HTML <b> and <i> tags, is there a method that would allow me to access the Roman option in the same fashion?


Thank you in advance,


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You probably just want to pick "Helvetica LT Std" in the drop-down list in the Text Editor, since FusionPro uses the same font families as MS Word. The "Roman" style usually just means the "regular" (not bold AND not italic) style.
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