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43 Codes and 17 Variables per Code


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I have a postcard I am working on that is a little more complicated than anything I have worked on in the past. Basically the data will have a code "ABCD", "ACDE", etc. (43 different codes) This code refers back to a spreadsheet that has 17 different text, images, and QR code options associated to that code. The first 13 cells are all text options for the card. The last four are associated with images and QR code


Originally I was going to create a switch rule for each code and each cell but that would take forever. So my question is, aside from merging the mailing list and the code list manually in access each week is there a more streamlined option I can use with FP Desktop?


Thanks for your advice in advance.



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It's hard to say exactly what you need to do without a little bit more detail. Can you post a sample of the input and the desired output?


I think you might be able to export the spreadsheet you mentioned to a CSV file, which you can load up with ExternalDataFileEx and use it to cross-reference from the four-letter code to the associated resources. Again, though, it's hard to say without seeing the files.

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