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QR Code for contacts

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When creating a QR code for contacts, there is a property field called "TEL:"

In the vCard spec there are some parameters that can go with the TEL property such as.


TEL;WORK;VOICE:(111) 222-2222

TEL;HOME;VOICE:(222) 222-2222


TEL;WORK;FAX:(333) 333-3333


When I try to use these I get the following error.


SyntaxError: missing : after property ID


How can I specify the telephone number type in the QR code?

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Great, thanks.

That was the answer.

When using the parameters, I need to put them inside quotes.

Right, in code like this:

var info = {
   N: FieldOrRule("QR Contact Name"),
   "TEL;WORK;VOICE": FieldOrRule("QR Phone").replace(/\D/g,''),
   "TEL;WORK;FAX": FieldOrRule("QR Fax").replace(/\D/g,''),
   EMAIL: FieldOrRule("QR Email"),
   URL: FieldOrRule("www"),
   ORG: FieldOrRule("Organization"),
   TITLE: FieldOrRule("title1"),

It's actually declaring a JavaScript object literal named "info", with a set of properties, one per line, each of which has a name to the left of the colon and a value to the right of the colon. The name of a property can be just about anything, but if it's not a valid identifier, it has to be enclosed in quotes as a string literal. You could put every property name inside quotes in the object literal and that would work fine too.

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