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Getting font to output


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Good day folks -


I'm having a bit of an issue here, with a font provided by the customer. The font is correctly loaded onto my system and I imported all the fonts using FusionPro's "load fonts" command. I've rebooted the PC as well, making sure to get out of acrobat and back in.


The font shows up as it should in the text editor, but when previewing the job, or outputting the job (both to PDF and a printer) the font is substitued with one a smarter prepress person can name, but I'll leave it as "some default font I don't want" :eek: - it should be a script font for the signature but as you can see, it's not outputting as such. Thanks in advance for your help!


See below:



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Nothing out of the ordinary:


Collected: C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro\fonts\Arial Bold Italic.otf

Collected: C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro\fonts\Arial Bold Italic.pfa

Collected: C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro\fonts\Arial Bold Italic.ufk

Collected: C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro\fonts\MerylsHand.otf

Collected: C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro\fonts\MerylsHand.pfa

Collected: C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro\fonts\MerylsHand.ufk

Collected: C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro\fonts\MinionPro-Bold.otf

Collected: C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro\fonts\MinionPro-Bold.ufk

Collected: C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro\fonts\MinionPro-BoldIt.otf

Collected: C:\Program Files\Printable\FusionPro\fonts\MinionPro-BoldIt.ufk


(Emphasis added by me)


Looks like every other font that was collected.

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Its always something silly....


I'm using designer attached to FusionPro server - the server doesn't have the font loaded on it just yet.


This explains why the text editor (on my system) saw it, but the output (from the server) didn't.



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