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Need email tag after@ to be in bold

Matt Centa

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I have an email address using a Eurostile font regular, but I need every thing after the @ to be in bold. I created a script that does this but it does not recognize the Eurostilebold font that is loaded and converts this to a default font. If there is a better way to right this script please let me know. I have tried removing all fonts from my library in Fusion pro folder and re loading them.



return NormalizeEntities(Field("Email Address")).replace(/[a-z]{1,}\.[a-z]{1,5}$/g, "<fname='EurostileBold'>twgplus.com</f>");


I am using Fusion 7.1P1c

Acrobat 9.4.1

Mac 10.5.8

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There should be a space between "f" and "name" in your tag and the font name should match the naming that FusionPro uses if you were to assign Eurostile Bold to random text in a FP text frame. While I have sometimes had problems with FusionPro recognizing a font, I have never had a a problem with the tag info as long as I could "see" the font in my font choices of a FP dialog box.
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