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HUGE Assets.dat file causing slow preview load


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! :D


I'm so frustrated right now! Here's a fun one:


I have a bunch of templates that all follow the same programming rules. My customer is giving their clients the ability to select from 21 different fonts. Each font has a "size" choice of Small, Medium, or Large. Of course it doesn't stop there because that would be too easy! I need to apply a CopyfitLine rule to the "Large" size in case the text entered does not fit.


So I went ahead and created separate CopyFitLine rules for each font, then created another rule that states when Font A and Small are selected, return Font A at 50pts, when Font A and Medium are selected return Font A at 70pts, when Font A and Large are selected, return the FontACopyfitLineRule, and so on and so forth for every other font.


I then had to create a text resource that included just a letter in each of the 21 fonts so that they would embed and collect properly.


Unfortunately when I collect my template, my Assets.dat file is almost 22 MB!! :eek: When I upload and publish and my customer logs in to review, the preview takes almost two minutes to compose and appear - and that's with downsampling enabled! Obviously that's unacceptable for my customer. It's definitely the fonts because these templates are so small. It's a static background comprised of vector-based art (the actual PDF before the collect is only 268k) and it's only one line of text.


Any insight? Have I approached this all wrong? I'm at a loss and have a bunch of these templates to build and upload and am starting to panic.


If you got this far reading this long post THANK YOU!

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