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QR Code Creation

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Can someone give us a little guidance on creating QRs with a rule? When we've tried with the "QR Contact" rule, it returns text in the box, not the code. Is there a particular font we need to interpret the data and create the code itself? Is it a combination of the text rule, and then using an image rule as well? I've looked in the User Guide documentation and don't see this referenced anywhere, and we've searched the forum but don't see a specific answer.



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The rule automatically outputs the barcode in the supplied "IDAutomation2D" font. If you do a regular composition (not a Preview), you should either see it correctly in the output, or see an error message about that font in the log file. If it works in a regular composition but not in Preview, then from the menu in Acrobat, select "Edit -> Preferences", click on "Page Display", and check the "Use Local Fonts" box. If you get an error message about the font, please contact Support and they can help you resolve that.


The upcoming FusionPro 7.2 release will offer the capability to output QR barcodes as graphics, which can be placed in graphic frames, instead of text, which should make the entire process easier.

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With the release of 7.2 and the QR barcode output as a graphic capability. Will we be able to customize the QR code to have a custom image in the code? Like a logo?

No, that's not something we're planning to support. However, our product manager will be happy to look into any enhancement requests, especially if a lot of customers are asking for something. But this is the first request I've heard for that functionality.

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