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Get a collection of body page names?

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Is there a way to get a collection/array of body page names within your JavaScript interpreter?

Not currently. What do you intend to do with such a list? In other words, if you can explain in more detail what you're trying to accomplish, I might be able to suggest another approach.

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Thanks, Dan.


Basically it boils down to that the order data for this template that I am working on will contain order items that could be either a pick item or print item.


Our standard data process for output to FP creates either FP tagged output or delimited output. Within these outputs are two special fields that contain pick ticket data in FP table tags that get paced within the composed output (one is a summary of all orders in the file and one is for the order itself).


To figure out which pages within the template to turn on I will currently have to either parse the pick ticket table and turn on pages with exception handling or, as I was hoping, iterate the body pages available and turn them on if needed if they are found in within the pick ticket table.


Or maybe I'll just do something else. Was just trying to be, you know, lazy! :D


Thanks again,


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