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Designer to Desktop


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So here I am merrily composing a VDP file. Trouble is, I can only do one record at a time (!!??!!?)


Dear Google....


Well, seems that I have Designer, not Desktop. :confused:


Is the key my company provided only good for Designer? If so, how do I go about fixing that?



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If the serial number used to install FusionPro begins "FP.." then this is Fusionpro Desktop, which will compose all records in your data file.

If the serial number begins "FD...", then this is FusionPro Designer and will only compose one record to PDF output only.

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The key is for Designer then. I'll have to have my tech support look into getting the key for Desktop. Are they the same install, or do I need to download another?


If it's a new purchase, where should I tell them to go?

(be nice)



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