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File path for uploaded images in variable job


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I have a postcard product that is variable. It had 4 defined background images which I made resources and then made rules to select to correct background based on fields in the csv uploaded by the customer. They would be able to preview the all the postcard with their different backgrounds in the storefront preview.

Now they want to be able to upload multiple backgrounds with the names of the background images in their csv which they upload. They want to be able to preview the postcards in the storefront preview with the uploaded background images.

If this was a versioned and not a variable job you could create a dropdown with the 4 original background and give them the ability to upload a new image. This works fine and will preview with either the predefined or uploaded image. Is there a way to have the cust upload all of the different background images along with their csv and have the template find those images so the cust can preview the postcard in the storefront?


The cust uploads the csv in the storefront and we pull it from the digital assets in the dashboard to compose offline. How can the cust upload the multiple background images and I link to them in the postcard template so the cust can preview the postcard with the correct background images?

I was thinking if the cust uploaded the files through the dashboard I could hard code the path, but I have no idea what that would be. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.:confused::confused::confused:

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