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FusionPro Desktop 6.0 Rules Guide?


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I am wondering if there is an updated version of the Rules guide for FP Desktop 6.0. I am going through the guide that came with my software, but it seems to be out of date. There are a lot of things it describes that are not available in my version of FusionPro Desktop.


For example, starting on page 60 it talks about editing the RuleTemplates.English.js file to create a rule template available to all jobs, but I cannot find this file anywhere. This would be INCREDIBLY useful to me as I use a lot of the same rules, or a combination of them, repeatedly. Importing the .def file is not always an option because I want to use different rules from different jobs.


Am I missing something, or is the guide missing something? I should also mention that I am missing the plug-ins folder the guide talks about that is supposed to be located in the Printable\FusionPro\ folder.



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