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I have a simple A4 duplex job that I would like to compose in batches of 100 onto SRA3 sheets so that my printer does not explode when trying to RIP.


The problem is it keeps giving me the same error "The number of records requested in a chunk is not compatible with imposition in the imposition setting. The number of records has been adjusted.

The page size in the job differs from the page size in the imposition template"


I get round this by Manually typing in the numbers to compose.


Would be really nice to solve or at least find out whats going on.


Any help greatly appreciated from the UKhttp://forums.printable.com/images/icons/icon7.gif

Acrobat 9.4.3

Mac os x 10.6.7 Intel

Fusion Pro Desktop 7.1P1c

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If the stack batch output fits evenly into or is the same size as the chunk, then the chunk size is honored. When there is a conflict between the stack size and the chunk size, multiple output files are produced using the stack batch (SxVxH) output size. This is also the case when the stack output size is greater than the chunk size. When Infinite Stack is used, a conflict is reported and one output file is generated.
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