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Variable text with background img


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EDIT: I don't want the title to mislead you, this is a versioned template, not a variable one.


So I have a project that has been presented to me where this particular client is a kind of franchiser if you will. They want to make available to their franchisees stationery and other items with various version-able text frames, etc. so that there is a common look to their items.


The problem comes in where the client enters their company name on each of these items. The company name reverses out of a rounded corner box, and the box too must somehow be variable to adjust to the various lengths of company names so that everything remains uniform. Is their a way to accomplish this, or am I the first to run into something like this?


Here is an example:



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I don't see what's specific to MarcomCentral about this.


Anyway, while this isn't something that FusionPro usually does, it is possible, through the magic of text measurement.


You could place the rounded box graphic as an inline graphic, in a text frame behind the frame which has the actual text. This would call out an inline rule which outputs a <graphic> tag with the width attribute based on the length of the text, as determined with FusionProTextMeasure. Basically, the graphic will be stretched out to be as long as the text.


The only drawback is that this stretching may make the rounded corners a bit skewed, more like half ovals than half circles. The customer would just have to try it and see whether this is acceptable or not. The way to work around that is to have a set of graphics at different sizes, and then instead of the rule specifying the width attribute to stretch the graphic, it could simply select a different graphic depending on the length of the text.

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Hey Dan, thank you for the response. I initially posted this to the MarcomCentral forum because I wasn't sure if there would be a solution specific to Designer that wouldn't fly with Desktop or vice-versa.


I see that your idea can benefit the Desktop side as well. I will give this a try and see how it works.



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