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Rule to give value to variable from another variable

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Template has a field(title) - customer inputs data for the field.

A rule removes punctuation from the field(title). The results of this replace rule needs to become another field called field(title2). How do I input the value to field(title2) from the results of Rulereplacefield(title)


var eq = Field("Title");

var filter = /([\?\#\&\*\s\(\)\.\,\-\\\/\n\r\t\"\'])/gi;


var re = eq.replace(filter, "");

re = re.replace(/<br>/gi, "");


Field("titlehiddenforequickfill").content = re;

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The simplest way is just to make a standard Text rule (named "title2") which returns the value ("return re;"). Inserting the variable with that rule's name in the Variable Text Editor outputs the rule's value. If you give the rule the same name as a field ("title"), the rule's return value will override the data field's value when used in a text frame.


If you need to use the rule's value in another rule, simply call the Rule() function instead of the Field() function. In FusionPro 7.1, there's a built-in function called RuleOrField() which will find either a rule or a field with the given name.


You can also "inject" variables in OnRecordStart with the FusionPro.Composition.AddVariable() method, like so:

FusionPro.Composition.AddVariable("title2", re");

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