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Maximum number of records?


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No, there is no theoretical limit, other than the maximum for a signed 32-bit integer, which is over 2 billion. I've seen jobs with half a million records, which obviously take a long time to compose, but do succeed. There can be a limit imposed by your license (serial number), but this is rare.
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I'd like to bump this thread. I'm trying to compose files over FusionPro Direct and I'm not having much luck. I have a feeling that this is because there are so many records in the data file.


After I start the composition, the job processes until it says it's reached 100% but never shows up in the "output" folder. When I check the msg log it shows that it quit processing half way through the job. See below:




Composing record #12730, input record 10330

Composing record #12731, input record 10331

Composing record #127



This particular data file contains 45,703 records. Has anyone else had a similar problem? Is it possible that there isn't enough RAM on our Direct server and it times out? I had IT restart the Direct service but that didn't resolve the problem. I'm currently trying to compose the file locally (unfortunately). I'm basically looking for possible causes and proposed solutions.

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