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Page Media Issue


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Hi everyone!


I'm having trouble using the Page Media options to specify paper source and simplex/duplex settings.


I have the following pages in FusionPro -


Page 1 - Body (Letter - Simplex rom Tray 5)

Page 2 - Body (Letter - Duplex from Tray 5)

Page 3 - Overflow (Letter)

Page 4 - Body (Declaration - Simplex from Tray 5)

Page 5 - Body (Terms Of Business - Simplex from Tray 2)

Page 6 - Body (Terms Of Business - Duplex from Tray 2)

Page 7 - Overflow (Terms Of Business)


I'm trying to set the relevant duplex and page source settings for the Body pages but whenever I change one it seems to affect the others. Is this the correct behaviour? I thought I could change them independently.


How this should work is that if I have a simplex letter then only Page 1 will be used and pages 2 and 3 will be unused. Page 4 is always used. If the Terms of Business is simplex then I use page 5 and if it's duplex then I use 6 and 7.


I just don't seem to be able to get the Page Media settings to 'stick'.


Does anyone have any experience of this?


I've tried two different PPDs in case this was causing the problem but it happens with both.


I can send the PDF file if necessary but would need to strip out some sensitive information first so would like to avoid that if possible. I'm just trying to establish if I'm going about this in the right way.


Any guidance would be very much appreciated.





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