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vLetter Pro Custom Handwriting Font

Ellie Mae

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Prelude to my question:


My Client to vLetter:

My lettershop provider uses FusionPro Desktop. I have a client wishing to laser image variable data in a handwriting font but wants it to look authentic. That is, we're looking for a font that has three or four variations of every lower-case letter and a couple variations of every upper-case. Sounds like your vLetter Pro Custom Handwriting Font might fill the bill but my lettershop folks don’t believe it’s compatible with FusionPro. I need to find a font that can install to the FusionPro platform. Can you point me in the right direction?


Response from vLetter:

I have not heard of FusionPro, so I have no idea. Currently our fonts require data conversion in order to print properly in the font. We will soon be moving to an OpenType format that will not require conversion, but the fonts will require programs that support OpenType contextual alternates for the fonts to work as intended.


Here are some files that you can use to test our fonts and converted data on your system, to be sure you can do a mail merge printing with our fonts.


The ZIP file contains the LiteUS__.TTF and LiteEuro.TTF fonts, a converted address list of phony names in tab-delimited (.txt), comma-delimited (.csv), and Excel (.xls) formats. There are also a letter and envelope as Word .doc files, with merge fields already set up in the documents.


Download the Zip file to your hard drive and un-zip it. Install the font files in your Fonts folder, then open the letter or envelope within Word to test the mail merge function. To test in a different program, adjust only the merge fields themselves to match the parameters of the particular program you are using (e.g. InDesign or another program).


My Question:

I have the font loaded in my Library/Fonts. Loaded "All Fonts" in Acrobat/Fusion Pro. Quit and restarted both programs. The font is showing up fine in InDesign, but Fusion Pro is not seeing it. Is there something more I can do? I need to make sure this will work before my client purchases the product.



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I still have had no luck in getting this font to work. It shows up in all other applications including Font Book and Suitcase; everywhere except FusionPro. The font is called LiteUS.ttf. Maybe I should see if the customer can send me a different font to sample?

Suitcase info.pdf

FusionPro font list.pdf

Font book info.pdf

Acrobat Preferences.pdf

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