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Digimaster PS output format


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We recently purchased a used Kodak Digimaster. We are trying to send a Fusion Digimaster PS file to it so that it will offset individual sets within a composed document but can't seem to figure out how to do it. It sees the entire test document as one 60 page set, even though it should be ten 6-page sets that we want the printer to seperate. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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We found something that may work. It's a program from Kodak called "Print file downloader". It will print almost any type of file, and once you add the file to the program it has most of the features that you would expect from Acrobat or other programs. (1 side/ 2 sided, color sheets in sections....etc) This information is used with a Heidelberg Digimaster printer.


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We have the Print File Downloader, but there are no options to separate a merged file. Kodak says we could do it if we had a stacker. We have the staple finisher with an offset stack tray, which you would think would allow for this as well. Other sources have told me it is possible without the stacker but were unable to tell me how.
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Concerning setting options on your print jobs, one way may be to

insert PostScript commands into a PostScript output. Have you tried

this already?

You point to a small postscript file from the Advanced -> Page Media

Dialog. Insert a command file before pages where you wish to set


I think the the Digimaster can take a large range of PostScript

commands to control output and sub-setting. You can do stuff like:


<</Duplex true /Tumble false>> setpagedevice

<</PageSize [954 1152] /MediaColor (white) /MediaType (plain) >>



Then for a different Page, you change these options For more info

see the PostScript language specs:





Taking a look at the PPD or asking an analyst from your printer

manufactures can sometimes be helpful. We leave this open for you to

do what you want, but the rules change depending on the printer. Once

you get the commands situated, you can re-use these for future jobs.


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Thanks Alex,


I have been in contact with Konica and they have helped us solve the problem.


So, to answer my own post, the postscript code that has allowed us to this looks like this...


%KDKPeSubset: 5 9 13 17


the numbers represent the first page of each new set, in this case a 4 page set for a 20 page document.

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