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Setting up an index

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Our customer wants ******* provider directories printed. Because of the variable data (ie: Clinic, Address & Physician) the text will flow in a two column format resulting in variable page quantities.


Does anyone know if FusionPro has the ability to take the physician name from it's field and list it in an index at the end of the book along with the page number it appears on? I suppose you'd need rules for creating sequential page numbers on all pgs and a rule to index the pg number flush right in the column of physicans.


Is there any way this can be done, or does this project exceed the intended function of FP?

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Yes, you can use the <destination> tag to mark some text, and then use the <crossref> tag to create a reference to it in an index or table of contents. (You can also use a <hypertext> tag to create a hyperlink if you're composing to a PDF.)


For instance, when you're setting the name, you can add in the <destination> tag like so:

return '<destination name="' + Field("Name") + '">' + TaggedTextFromRaw(Field("Name"));

Then in your index, you can create a reference like so:

return TaggedTextFromRaw(Field("Name")) + ' - <crossref name="' + Field("Name") + '">Page <$pagenum></crossref>';


Please refer to the Tags Reference Guide for more information.

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