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Do not want my entire line to supress

Matt Centa

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I have a phone number with an extension -

555.555.5555 Ext.555 (T)

555.555.5555 (F)

555.555.5555 ©

when the extension is not used the entire line drops off. this is on top of a fax a cell number that may or may not be used. I have the (T) as part of the card. I wrote a rule that doesn't seem to work with what i want to a accomplish. On a side not is there a way to have these numbers line up with out being so staggered the numbers are right justified.

if (Field("Ext") == "")

return "";


return ' Ext: '+Field("Ext");


Any help would be great thanks



I am using FusionPro Desktop 7.1P1c on a Mac

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Your rule for the Extension looks fine. I think the problem is that you are using "Suppress if empty" for the paragraph. Remember that FP considers the line with the Phone and Extension as a paragraph, so when any variable is empty (Extension) then the entire Paragraph is suppressed. Try this and make sure you turn off "Suppress if empty":

if (Field("Phone") == "")

return "";


else if (Field("Ext") != "")

return Field("Phone")+' Ext: '+Field("Ext")+' (T)';



On the justification issue set the text to right justify if that suits you better.


Hope this helps



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