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Creating drop-down list


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I have to create template when client can select "office location" from pre-defined library list - as drop-down menu. My problem is that this list is about 250 locations long. Is there is any option to upload, let's say, Excel file to library instead of manually typing and adding all 250 locations?



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You will need to have all the addresses in an External Data File (XDF) as tab or comma delimited. One of the columns in the main data source (with the values eventually in your drop-down) should have values matching in the XDF.


Then in a rule you will call out to the XDF tell it to loop through and match the office location value from the Main data source (which will be a list in MCC) to the value in your XDF. Also in the rule you will return your address content to display in the template using tags, so make sure your "Treat return strings as Tagged text" option is checked in the rule.


Attached is a sample with the address content on the left side of the postcard coming from the XDF file: Postcard_XDFAddress.zip


Hope this helps


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One more important point! You will upload your XDF file into MarcomCentral separately from the template files: Catalog > Form/Template Setup > External Data Files


This way if you need to update your address list (XDF) you can just replace it and also update your drop-down in the form for the customer.

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