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UPC-A barcode


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i have used the UPCA Barcode Rule to to create my barcode but there is an error when composing.


Error in function MakeUPCABarcode: The input string must contain exactly 11 characters.


But my input string is 12 characters. It is a GTIN-12 digit number. Is there a way to encode this using the UPC-A Barcode Rule?

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The 12th digit in a UPC-A barcode is the checksum digit, which is calculated by the barcode generation algoritm, so you can only encode 11 digits of data. This is according to the barcode spec:



If you have 12 digits already, then the data has probably already been encoded with the barcode algorithm by another process, so you don't need to call the MakeUPCABarcode function. All you need to do is typeset those characters in on of the "IDAutomationUPC" fonts.

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