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Uninstalling and Installing Fusion Pro 7.1

Tony Olivas

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I'm trying to uninstall Fusion Pro 7.1 and then reinstall it.

Reason being is that Acrobat 9.0 is crashing and deleting Exported PDFs from Indesign. So, I thought I should go back to Acrobat 7.0. But now when I try to uninstall Fusion Pro from my Mac it does nothing. So, I thought maybe I should just re-install and should overwrite previous Fusion Pro but now ProdActivate "quits unexpectedly" and does not let me register Fusion Pro. Will throwing away the Printable folder uninstall Fusion Pro?


Thanks for the help.

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When updating to a new version of FusionPro, You will need to uninstall your version first before proceeding with the update.

If using an Apple Macintosh, use the following information to help with the installation.

Run the “Uninstaller” from the “Applications >Printable folder.

When this completes, delete the "Printable" folder from the following locations:

Mac HD : Applications

Mac HD : Library: Preferences

Mac HD : Library : Application Support.

Empty from Trash.

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