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Is anyone using QR codes on business Cards


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We are starting to add QR codes to our Business Cards. Is anyone else doing this? It seems pretty limited to what can be added, as far as number of items in the QR code for contact book information. Anyone wanna add any tips or tricks that they have used or tried? I am using the MECard structure. Anyone find that VCArd is better?

Thanks in advance.

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The MECARD format seems to work the best for us. Here is a javascript rule based on that format:


var last = Field("LName");
var first = Field("FName");
var cell = Field("Cell");
var phone = Field("Email");
var address = Field("Address");
var email = Field("Email");
var url = Field("Website");

return "MECARD:N:" + last + "," + first + ";TEL:" + cell + ";TEL:" + phone + ";ADR:" + address + ";EMAIL:" + email + ";" + url + ";;";


Here are the specifications for it:


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We are giving a choice of contact information using this:



//Check the box "Treat returned Strings as tagged text"

//Use the font "IDAutomation2D"

//Can add fields to the "var info = { }" area, but it is limited at this time to the amount of information that can be added.

//ADR: Field("Address1")+ " "+Field("City")+ " "+Field("State")+ " "+Field("Zip"),

//Need to change the pointsize so it maintains a certain size, that is what the "5" is for.

//return MakeQRBarcode(DataToEncode, ProcessTilde, EncodingMode, ErrorCorrectionMode, PreferredFormat, PointSize, NoFontTag, Font)


var info = {

FN: Field("Q_Name"),

TEL: Field("Q_Phone"),

EMAIL: Field("Q_Email"),

ADR: Field("Q_Address"),

URL: Field("Q_Web"),

NOTE: Field("Note"),





var result = "";

for (var label in info)


if (!info[label])



result += label;

if (!label.match(/\:$/))

result += ":";


result += info[label];


result += FusionPro.inValidation ? "\n" : ";";



if (FusionPro.inValidation)

return result;


return MakeQRBarcode ("MECARD:" + result + ";",null,null,null,null,5,null,null);

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