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Help with a multi-product product or discount

Brian F.

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We have 4 versionable products in a store that are the same product, banner stands, but have 4 different designs. We created a kit when there were only 2 designs and they got one with each design plus another product at a lower price than if they ordered them separately. Along come the 2 new designs and now customers want to substitute the new designs for the ones in the kit.


There are now 4 products but we want to only let them purchase 2 of them as part of the kit. Is there a way to have 4 versioned products visible in a kit but only let them select 2?


If it isn't possible in a kit, is there a way to configure a discount that applies only if 2 of the banner stands plus the other product are ordered?


Thanks in advance



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Kit's unfortunately will not let you order 2 of 4 Products in the Kit, when you order the Kit you get the whole shabang. However an alternative way to accomplish it, might be to create all 4 designs as part of one template. You can create two fields asking which of the designs they want active: Item 1 and Item 2. Using Selective Exclusion UI Rule, you can make sure that once Design X is selected for Item 1, then it cannot be selected for Item 2 (if applicable). Of course, the selections made for Items 1 and 2, will activate the Page Usage in the template for the respective Designs selected. You can also use a Conditional Visibility UI Rule to show/hide the fields respective of the Designs selected as well.


Hope this helps

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