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Having Trouble Sending my background image to the back


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I have created our first Fusion Pro project. Here's how I did it:


The client wanted to use the Sandy Beach background with writing their names in the sand. I used Fusion Pro Expression and created all the images of each name (1101 names and image files).


I then used InDesign to setup the postcard. Where the Fusion Pro Expression images go, I just placed an empty rectangle frame and set that as a variable graphic. On that same side I have a logo and some text that I want to show up in front of the sandy background. In InDesign I sent the empty graphic frame to the back (Hoping that would work).


When I open the exported PDF, I set my rules to pull the images from the image file, and that is working fine, but the images all appear in front of the LOGO and Text on the backside of the card. I cannot get the Sandy Background with names image to send to the back and appear behind the logo and text. It just appears to the front, and you cannot see the LOGO or text at all....I tried the layers option, send backward, send to the back...none of that is working.


Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong??


Much thanks!

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You only have the one variable frame in your document, so there's nothing else for it to go back behind. Everything else in your PDF template is static background, which, as its name suggests, is always in the background, behind all variable frames.


You need to go back to the InDesign document and mark all of the frames that you want in the foreground, by selecting them and then checking "Export As" in the FusionPro palette, then export again. Then you can move those frames to the front in the PDF template in Acrobat.

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